Reinventing Organizations and Theory U

Written by Fiona Savage and published at http://fionasavage.co.uk/ The legacy hierarchical approach to management is being replaced by self-organized, ... More
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Movements Meet

This column is an expanded version of a comment I posted on Facebook to further the conversation started by Otto Scharmer’s blog in Huffington Post MITx u.lab: ... More
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Movement Buzz on Facebook

George Pór There's a whole movement out there going for "helping businesses create more peacemakers, artists, storytellers, healers in their systems," that M... More
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The Future of U.Lab

Originally written by Adam Yukelson and posted here on Facebook     Many of you have asked, what’s next after U.Lab? Over the next... More
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Day One of U.Lab

The U.Lab is a course at MIT aiming at “transforming business, society, and self,” with 10,000s of participants from all over the world. You can enroll here. T... More